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जेन ऑफ़ स्टार्स शोवेद पार्ट वन ऑफ़ थे फुतुरेस ऑफ़ प्लेनेट एअर्थ।
फोरेसीं - आउट ब्य थे एंड ऑफ़ २००८, विल देलिनेते पार्ट तवो। थे अलिग्न्मेंट्स।

11.11.2007 - The Future belongs to him who knows how to wait.

In his new book - FORESEEN - St.Clair picks up where Kubrick’s 2001 - A Space Odyssey left off. Disclosure reveals human governments are not in control of planet earth. By 2080 these concepts will be understood by societies intent on achieving convergence with their innermost self. He shows how our future selves are the guidance of the future, communicating with mankind across the bridge of time.

FORESEEN gives essential astrological information about the core navigator codex, activated through conscious awareness, allowing the spirit to time travel the paths of its own existence. The spiritual sciences were lost to mankind, as individuals lost the ability to understand the guidance of their own design. The Codex is embedded within the light encoded DNA, resonating to create the future. St.Clair connects the mysteries of Atlantis with the extra-terrestrial origins of mankind, and predicts that it is our destiny to return to the stars.

PLUTO IN CAPRICORN as of 2008 & 2009: The arrival of the outermost planet of our solar system into the sign that rules time and structure, society and governments, heralds a complete overhaul of everything to do with structural society as we knew it, social engineering & controlled disorder - dark methods used by hidden governments. What can this entail? This is the subject of the books ZEN OF STARS - Futures of Planet Earth, and of its sequel, FORESEEN.

By 11.11.2008 the sequel to Zen of Stars -- F O R E S E E N -- will appear and answer issues of sustainable living and safe places on our planets as people will understand that the time for action without thought has come. "ForeSeen" will help those who by then have applied the study of the book ZEN OF STARS.

Here is St.Clair - the astrologer - inside his safe place Chillon Castle, holding the book ZEN OF STARS. (photo credit: Edouard Curchod, for "24 Heures")

Once the planet’s population reaches the ability of global seeing and communication, as explained in the book ZEN OF STARS, those who can apply the global communications platform naturally seek a conceptual structure that unifies the population of the world, via any world order, new or old. And this is not new.This is done first economically, and then, militarily. Earth is well underway in both domains, economy and defense, but the dampening effect of the so-called terrorist network is what will help to temper the will of the population to unify.The question is who are the "terrorists" and what is the state within the state.

Once this unification is established, the population will be better able to collaborate and share resources and technologies. Unification as such is NOT a bad thing. It is only dreaded by those who fear that their roots are taken away.Our political, military, and media leaders do not share this perspective, not because they lack sensibility, but because their systems of reference are designed to protect what has been established by previous generations as our self interest, rather than to understand the broader context as it relates to the vital discoveries that lie ahead.

Why does this astrologer foresee the necessity of safe places that work in autarch and networked structures? I know in the minds of each of you lies the gnawing questions: where will this invasive terrorism lead and how far will it go? Will it lead to a world war? Will the world economy weaken as a result?

We clearly can answer yes to the last two questions, but it will not overtake the world’s progression to unify, but rather hasten its realization. While sacrifices will be required, it will generate a new sense of collective purpose and connection among the nations and tribes of Earth.

If you remain absorbed in the media-defined expression of this dramatic story as it ensues, you may be entrained to think and act as our leaders do, which is centered on the protection of the self-interests of the free world. You may instead choose to rely more on the leadership of your inmost self during the times that will come, and place the events in the broader context of the journey that lies ahead — both for you as an individual and humanity as a whole.

Each of you must feel as though you have walked unwittingly through a gate, and, having seen what’s on the other side, you want to return from whence you came, but the gate locked behind you. We have entered a new world where your vulnerability has been drawn in sharp relief. What lies ahead is not of our conscious designs, but rather it is an expression of our accumulated self-interests and general ignorance of the Wholeness Navigator, and subconsciously, there are few on Earth who do not realize this.

There is no one to blame for this condition. It is an evolutionary element of the long process for a humanoid species to achieve the scientific discovery of the higher dimensions from which humanity is woven. Upon this journey humankind has struggled before, but it has always found its way forward to its ultimate goal, and it is this goal — subtle as it may be — that seeks to articulate itself in the hearts and minds of all of you who are incarnate at this time.

There will be new tests that will assail humanity throughout the 21st century; some will be more profoundly shattering than those witnessed this week, month or year ahead. FORESEEN describes what these tests are about. Invariably, the world leaders will draw a line between good and evil and seek to eradicate the evil, and in every instance the target will only extend further into the deep recesses of obscurity and de-centralization.

There is a "strategic plan" of a much higher intelligence in place for all life-bearing planets, and for all living beings in this and in other universes; and this plan is not established at the outset and then cast aside. It is constantly undergoing refinement and adjustment. The only stability in this plan is the ultimate goal; the journey itself weaves, stalls, accelerates, and sometimes even reverses in direction.

There is, however, the guiding hand of First Source that never releases, nor turns away in indifference, and this same hand touches into the deepest part of you — especially in times such as these, and it proffers insight.

This new blog introduces FORESEEN:

Michael St.Clair's new book "FORESEEN" is avaliable now.

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Swiss Astrologer St.Clair now exclusive consultant for:

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A team of Scandinavian world-class scientists -
with amazing success - fascinating topic selections -
Expansion foreseen with Jupiter in Sagittarius for 2007:
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Video Interview with St.Clair

Click my photo - and enjoy the movie by Kerry Cassidy,
in this 44 minutes long talk we touch on many issues!

Some Zen Video:

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Awaken To Peace & Love

Eclipse time...

The bridge into Libra, alliances, beauty and art... and only two more months until Jupiter moves into Sagittarius to connect across the cultures and the worlds beyond...

Many readers & friends of my blogs around the world started to create their blogs after years of reading what I published at Rumor Mill News. At some point I told readers to do their blogs and to connect in that way and express themselves. Some of these blogs are listed in the favorites to the left. Some are new and coming along, and they connect. This one here is very special, inspired by an old friend and reader, Tara, check it out, click the picture:

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Elves Answer
From Within The Silent World

by St.Clair & The Guidance

"MIRRORING THE STARS" - (click light picture) - the exclusive interview for The Remote Viewer - gained a great deal of attention during the Pisces Full Moon of September 2006.

Readers asked certain questions. This short "essay" is in answer to some of these considerations, and points out a few things I could have added in the interview but felt would be better placed separately -- as we are now engaged on the Guided Path of Light.


For thousands of years the Elves tried to heal human beings. It didn't work! Those were the pre historical times in terms of records. J.R.R. Tolkien wrote of it extensively. His writings (The Lord of The Rings and many others) are not fiction, in my opinion, as they perfectly describe the parallel reality. The vibrations of the ancient world remains "written" in the stones and in the out-of-place artifacts pointing to the extra-terrestrial origin of mankind.

I remember those early times in dreams and visions. We couldn't heal humans, because humans did not want to be healed, humans wanted to do what they want. So, the Elves left. It is bad news for mankind as we approach the crossing of the dimensions, which is something I address in Zen of Stars.

Before recoded history the Elven world -- also known as "The Shining Ones" -- tried to heal humans. Spiritual forces (the Guidance network described in the book) set up encounters, to teach people. There are certain Sacred Geometric laws to creation, and there are people do not want to apply those laws. They actively break the rules of creation so that they can control the earth. Over time these people become corrupt, which means their energy fragments. This happens, because they break sacred geometric rules that are basic to all of life.

Corrupt - in Elven terminology - means: You do wrong - knowing it is wrong. The Elves see in the energy field those who are breaking the rules. However, they just watch from afar. They see how breaking the rules disrupts the lives of people. It is a form of self-destruction that spans the ages. The teachings given to mankind is that we can change all that overnight through 'right action.'

In the otherworld councils there were those of us who would let the humans phase out. In dreams I saw the worst happening, and I saw the effect it would have on the planet. We worked with the other members of the council, and they wanted to give the humans a chance... and the planet is suffering. The next years 2006/2007 and beyond is a test of sorts to see how many are prepared to change, as the consciousness shifts into the psychic mind of Cosmos.

The Celts are associated with the ancient Nordics because of the way we work. The knowledge is in the stones, and we wrote nothing down. There was applied inner knowing, and that knowing was shared by the community.

If the future the children of the earth live in harmony with natures laws, and they will be able to read the message in the stones - and survive. Future humans, who are not the children of the earth and do not live by natures laws, will not be able to read the silent stones (and survive).

This is the way of Cosmos and of nature... It's more honest. More real. Because the Celts and ancients did not want idiots ruling and destroying the planet they withdrew their knowledge from the earth. The other members of the council, who are more esoteric/liberal types wanted to give humans 'a chance', help them along, enlighten them.

Therefore you have seen on the earth over the years the teachings of the esoteric/liberals from the council on earth. One could summarize these teachings under the label of "New Age" and they see now it has not worked. The Age of Aquarius is NOT an age of laisser-faire and feel good teachings. The Age of Aquarius is the age of knowing. It is no-nonsense, applied, hard work and for finding real solutions.

This is what I address in Zen of Stars
- the book about the futures of planet Earth.

What we are witnessing now is a hidden war, a secret war, a deceptive war against man. At the same time, on higher levels, the consciousness of man is changing. The psyche is changing. We humans are coming into a new vibrational field, because the earth itself is entering that field. So, the way we have lived until now will come to an end whether we are ready or not, because it is the natural way of things. For humans to be able to deal with this change, they will have to turn away from service-to-self type materialism and apply themselves to intelligent cooperation. Those who break the rules of cosmos will break themselves. The rest of us will change.

Be well and watch out as you begin to walk on this guided path of light!

Peace -

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Exclusive interview for The Remote Viewer
with Michael St.Clair

by Teresa Ann Papac

In a profound conversation, opening passages of surreal perceptions rather than forming finite conclusions, renown Swiss cosmologist Michael St.Clair - author of the book Zen of Stars and enthusiast of amazing crop circles, time portals, mirages and mysterious occurences in the invisible world - talks to astrologer Teresa Ann Papac about the future of astrology, extra-terrestrial life, ancient gods, luminescent beings of light, the layered worlds we inhabit, and the hidden landscape of the mind. Spell-binding...

Brace yourself for a rare moment!

Non-classical suggestions offered by St.Clair create a fascinating adventure anchoring a different conception of multiple realities and the plausible origins of mankind -- more likely extra-terrestrial than made in "His image." This unusual interview - a Saturn-Neptune opposition product - makes altered mind states the norm, rather than the oddity. In it, the inspired Piscean astrologers discuss esoteric teachings, time travel, Krishnamurti - and The Morning of The Magicians dawns...

Mirrored original
Exclusive interview
for The Remote Viewer

"Time is an illusion.
The moment you stop thought
time too stops."- St.Clair

Teresa Ann Papac:
For those who know you as a cosmologist and strategic astrophysicist; specifically one of the world's foremost astrologers, can you tell us how you came to this career choice, as you were trained first to be a Swiss Army officer, a lawyer, and an investment banker? What lead you to pursue Astrology, which is often a controversial subject, as a career and make it your own? I mean, how did it start for you really, did you find yourself doing strategic planning for, let's say, a political leader, and decided at some point you could make a living doing this... ?

I always studied it since I was very young, maybe as early as 8 or 9 years of age, because I felt very close to the stars; and by 25-26 I knew it well enough that I could practice it, but I only took it on as a career after age 35 when I studied cosmology. I am self-taught in these matters. I pursued a career as business adviser until age 33 and then changed track completely because I saw how unreal the world is in which I was a part.

Then I studied unusual things also - Taoism, Buddhism, quantum physics, and other meta-physical dynamics - that I saw closely related to astrology. Yes, I was doing strategic plans for worldly clients. I saw that without applying astrology as a timing tool and guidance for the purpose of action, we were getting nowhere. Clients were making mistakes, not implementing plans the way we had designed them etc. and I found I was better off doing my own thing. This then led me to writing Zen of Stars - the book, a decade long "job" that ended this year, and yet I kept in touch with what preoccupies this world. I thought it important to be able to bridge these worlds...

T.A.P.: I definitely want to talk about Zen of Stars, first can you tell us did this career choice of yours at age 33, then, lead you to the U.S. ? Or, can you tell us about what did ?

St.Clair: I came to Florida in 1993 because I had friends there and I wanted to be by the sea, I needed time out to re-think life. I met more friends there who were very gifted astrologers. They helped me finetune what it is I would later do. Years of research and study. Meanwhile I saw the USA falling apart slowly from inside, spiritually and materially, degenerating unfortunately; and I foresaw the hurricanes and left in 2003. 8 months after I left America, the storms started hitting the place.

The reason I left though was pure security. I also knew too much about what was going on after 9/11. Bear in mind I had met key players of the new world order in 1994, so I had a fair idea about what their plans were going to be. I was trying to explain this to friends so they would make preparations, but my view was not really welcome. As you know after reading my book, what I say does not feel or sound too "comfortable" to normal people.

T.A.P.: You wrote your e books while living in the U.S. Obviously the U.S. influenced you in a major way. In your highly acclaimed work, "Passage To Peace" you mention (if I am recalling correctly) that you met Vice President Cheney, and you also communicated with President Bush. You state (and I'm paraphrasing) that you warned President Bush prior to 9/11. Am I getting this right? So, you saw, through 'your guidance' or astrological calculations an impending threat to the U.S. at that time ? How did Bush react to your message, foreshadowing a major destructive calamitous event on U.S. soil? And how do you see things develop now in 2006? Do you work with special sources?

St.Clair: It was not stated quite like that but sums it up correctly, almost. I did meet Cheney in 1994, and I got a rather strange vibration off of him then, something robotic inhuman actually, as he and a team around him were doing everything they could do get back into power in 1994. I knew right away he would be back in power, it was very obvious. He embodies the system. In fact he was pondering his run for office then. I was aware of the PNAC plans in 1997 and I was made aware that Bush would be made President. I never met G.W. Bush - I met his brother Jeb on two occasions before and after he was governor of Florida, and I met some key advisers who are still at the switches now. I was also aware, early on, of how the real powers, the "Unknown Nine" - whoever they are - operate.

T.A.P.: You have me puzzled. "The Nine?" What about them, where do they operate from? Tell us what you think!

St.Clair: Oh it is a manner of speech, and a persistent myth for hundreds or maybe thousands of years. The famous cult book by Pauwels & Bergier - The Morning of The Magicians - mentions them also. It is the ultimate conspiracy theory, sort of the mother of all conspiracies. The ancient gods gone mad if you will... Now and then it rears its head again. The Unknown Nine... Although yes I do feel there is some truth to it.

I think their core center might have been in the Himalayas, Nepal maybe, also in Kashmir in the triangle India China and Pakistan, but mainly they operate via London, and now also in Brussels, I estimate with or via the group around Javier Solana, one of the dark chiefs of the European Union. And probably also near Denver, CO. Some say they came down from ancient Tibet. We are talking long before Atlantis. Others say they live in another dimension. Maybe the Hyperboreans near the North Pole would know? Those are the good ones. I think the nine exist, but best is not to focus on them.

Anyway what I really meant to say is that of course the so-called political leaders are mere peons, puppets on strings gone wrong. If I were to advise "the nine" I would actually replace the pawns. They are out of control now. The power of "Sauron," the dark side described in The Lord of The Rings, is real yet remains hidden, but I can at times feel its presence trying to stalk out my light beings. Our job is to dispel evil and not to "allow" fear to enter our minds. All we want to hold the "nine" in check are a few awakened ones, a handful of them is enough. We will figure out the rest.

T.A.P.: So you were saying you did warn people about the events ahead. How did that go?

St.Clair: Well, I simply told the world in 1999 in a Millennium seminar brochure that Bush would be President after a ballot recount, and I thought they could be smart enough to figure out the rest by themselves, without me being too graphic, because I don`t like my name attached to apocalyptic prophecies, in fact I abhor this fear-mongering. I show usually how we can change an outcome when we can predict it. At least we can change our attitude and action towards it, which makes all the difference.

However, I told personal clients of mine and friends in my own circles in Florida of impending problems in New York in Summer of 2001. I did not foresee the towers fall, this surprised even me. I saw air traffic would be suspended. I saw this in a consultation via a card reading I did for some client who came to see me from New York two weeks before it happened. But I did not see why or how. Some well-meaning friends with contacts inside CIA - but who had left the agency - suggested to me I would better direct my career elsewhere and not stick my nose too closely into political predictions.

The "good guys" I knew inside the CIA knew in 1999 that things were going totally wrong, but they were not specific to me, they confirmed the plan was to attack Iraq, and I told them this would turn out a bad idea in hindsight. The message I had was relayed via someone close to DCI, and via a CNN producer. I never heard back, was not interviewed, even after my 1999 written prediction of the 2000 ballot recount. This was enough for me to know our source was for real and I was making new plans. I had both "guidance" via astrological calculations as well as real knowledge, but that knowledge was minimal. In fact those who brought me the "intelligence" asked me if what they saw on the horizon could be true. I said yes and more will happen.

It always surprised me how oblivious those inside the system actually are. This could be because of how compartmentalized it is, like I said only the "nine" know what they have in mind, but I am not sure, as the plan is to demolish the USA from within, which could lead to a form of Civil War. The rest is well described in Lady No Eyes recollection by Summer-Rain in "Phoenix Rising". By now we are seeing the sea change with China and Iran on the regional rise.

The letter by Ahmadinejad - President of Iran - to German Chancellor Merkel for example shows an extra-ordinary advanced mind at work. There we see clearly how things will develop. Leaders of the future will take the issues to the people of the world, by-passing main stream media. My Persian friends told me long ago they would be the last ones standing and resisting this thing we have come to know as the "new world order". I guess that is the new project of "the nine" -- and I say it will not work.

T.A.P.: Must be a thrilling life to be around St.Clair and his communications, so tell us a bit about your sources...

St.Clair: Well, my main source in the bigger and more interesting picture was a scientist at NASA, I cannot say who. We talked about big things for years. Time travel, Cosmos, you name it. He always said "I hope you guys are aware of what is cooking." Astronaut Dr. Ed Mitchell later confirmed many points this scientist had made to me. I met Mitchell shortly before 9/11. Today, my sources are simply my clients, I mean they have to have a reason to want to talk to me, right? They are inside the world of economy or advanced science, and a few are also in the diplomatic circles, I represent some dissident U.N. people who are unhappy with what goes inside U.N. Pretty dark place, the U.N. See "The Nine"...

Back then to 9/11: The impression I had in spring 2001 was to leave America by end of 2003, which I did, because one of my books was stolen and stopped. Often it is the scientific material in my work that leads the controllers to confusion and to fragmentation of the mind. There are still dark forces at work trying to stop my book from being circulated, but on the whole this is no longer a problem, because they too have to play by certain esoteric rules. And their time in this chess game is up.

In 2000 it was a foregone conslusion among the smarter people in Palm Beach that we would have to leave the USA to create safe places for special people. There was a whole wave that left in Summer 2001, barely saying good bye, as the writing was on the wall, we just didnt know exactly when it would happen or how. People had been tipped off, for sure. In those days no one took warnings seriously, it was business as usual. However, I also met underground militia people who were preparing their resistance, one of them even invited me to come with him to Montana. But I could not imagine being part of a civil war, and left as 2003 became 2004, knowing the book had to be published from a safe place.

T.A.P.: My own knowlege of astrology tells me it can be applied in a very precise manner by very advanced, top notch astrologers, such as yourself. How precise were you in predicting the 9/11 event? Were you able to pin-point the exact city of occurance in the U.S. beforehand?

St.Clair: The city, yes. Not the date, and not the manner in which it happened. Something very strange had occurred. A friend of mine, artist Jack Barry, had painted this beautiful fresco of New York showing the twin towers sometime in 2000, and one day in spring 2001 this fresco had fallen off its easle and had broken. It actually had a huge crack in it. I knew then it is going to be New York. That is "guidance" for you - applied. We knew that from inside the military industrial complex a large operation was in the making to take down the economy and render an attack in the Middle East possible, but I did not know the date in advance for sure. I operated from a window, i.e. after Bush would come to the White House until latest by mid 2004. Keep in mind they want the younger Bush to follow up in 2008 if this is still their game plan.

Since then I did a lot of new research, and I see that events as such are meaningless when not seen in context of larger scale time zones. However, 9/11 and the developments since then have helped many people world-wide to wake up, so in a very strange way 9/11 was a good thing in hindsight because the awareness is raised. Only America itself has yet to awake from its slumber and change its mindset. When i say "America" I mean the population. It is up to the people to decide on fundamental life style changes.

T.A.P.: Have you changed your ways of work as an astrologer, adviser and researcher since your predictions, or while writing your book? You use remote viewers, is that correct?

St.Clair: Yes, totally; I stopped looking at event predictions after the Iraq invasion because I realized I had better things to do, and I recognized we are living the predictions, so what is the point in predicting them? A pattern of things -- in which those who try gain control of the world are severely misguided -- is taking shape now. And it is not going the way the controllers wanted it. They fight among themselves for control inside the control group. It is very chaotic in there and unstructured - not as simple as people believe. It is in permanent flow, and has left by now the planning stages, reaching a sort of free fall approaching end game or point of no return. By 2011 they will understand what I mean...

It became of more use to see the longer haul of time passages, and whatever it is they want inside the control group (guided I am sure by alien hands) they seem to be achieving it to some extent. I say "they seem" because I also know that at some point, probably beginning at the end of 2007, the equations will no longer make sense, and they will see they were misguided. There has already been a shift in how Iran is perceived, for instance, and that was not planned. On the whole I have lost interest in world politics, it is not important, in fact it is totally irrelevant.

The internet has taken a lead role in how spiritually advanced people assess the world, the future, the trends, what has to happen, and with this a huge shift in perception is at hand. People are realizing now that it is what they feed into that will feed them. So best is really to stay in productive pursuits. This started when Uranus entered Pisces, in 2003, when information could reach people directly, without media manipulating the events. The reality control will gradually move into the hands of a few advanced sages now, and from there to those who wish to access the knowing. Remote viewers are a part of this transition too, and so is the ever present inner guidance of the few who know that this transit is happening right now and into 2011. These "few" include you and quite a few more "normal" or ordinary people.

T.A.P.: What is happening in this transition that you describe now? What can people do about it?

St.Clair: Huge subject, that is my book... Honestly I think we are witnessing the changing of reality, the ending of "time" or the "crossing" of realities right about now. It began subtly in Summer of 2006, and by Summer 2008 we among the first few might emerge the other side, feeling very quiet. I know I will go very quiet soon. People expected me to say more, but really, i have said it.

The linear mind is no longer with it. Everything is shifting to the psychic or non-linear reality of the mind, and most people (like 90%) are simply out of it, and that includes of course most political leaders, since they represent the old brain. During this transition beginning now, and many years still in the making, there will be an ever bigger gap of understanding, until the great divide is finished. Expect no less! As an astrologer you know of course what it is; Saturn-Neptune, say no more...

What to do about it? Turn within for good. I would estimate ET intervention in form of benevolent guidance will propel some advanced people to form their own enclaves, or islands of light off-grid, safe places what have you, and share according to nature; and then whatever happens in terms of "political events" will no longer have the impact they seem to have now. It will be a side show.

But for this the systems first will have to self-destruct, which might still take some time. These types of spiritually advanced people look at astrology as a tool of guidance - and not as a calculator to predict events. But this is a mere development guess for now, in the making and it could last well over a generation and into 2025, when Saturn and Neptune meet in Pisces, for it to become clear to everyone. Throughout all this a new mindset will develop.

There are small groups for instance reading Zen of Stars as a study project, to see what needs to be done and how they can apply it. Other realizations have set in about how we create realities; remote-viewers for the people are at work, and all this is a small movement for now - we want to help it to gain momentum in low key ways. I just came right in time to meet this movement which was already afoot. All it requires is some overall guidance and coordination.

It was formed by what I would call those who discerned the glitches of "new age" teachings. The "new-agers" in a way - inadvertantly though - were helpful to us. I add this so you understand my work and outlook on it has completely changed over the last years, because my knowing has to be put to better use by people who want to see change.

That - change - can only come from within, not by reacting to events from outside. It is very important to retain this capacity to meet change in time. Astrologers generally speaking today, in the Western world anyway, are a product of new age thinking, pitted against the fundamentalists of all colors, and both missed the crossing and with it they miss the whole point. The point is we are the change.

T.A.P.: Your newly published book, Zen of Stars, is definitely in my opinion a work of art, "high art", and it appears to have been truly a labor of love for you. First of all, I have to comment on your cover design; which is spectacular. Because I love color to no end, as an artist do you, have a favorite color? Those brilliant pinks and blues you used against the black (space) background remind me dearly of the tropical fish i have seen in the ocean... Great "pisces" colors, Michael!

This brings me to ask you, as somewhat of an astrologer myself... you stated in Zen of Stars we, on planet earth, are in a cycle now with major "Pisces Planets" in power-- correct? For some reason, my mind wonders now to the biblical verse "... and the meek shall inherit the earth..." Hmm, could there be a 'core*elation' here to this bible prophecy of sorts to present day?

Anyone who knows some astrology, knows Pisces is traditionally said to be a "weak Sun sign". Being that's my sign, I never liked that assessment of course. Do you have a comment on all this, as you are a Pisces too? I know 'this' is a superior sign... and these 'should' be superior times we are living in!

St.Clair: Yes, Pisces, we are in the league of "please catch-up with us when you get a chance..." which is a demanding job... I agree. Many questions in this one, thanks for mentioning the art... my part in the art are the Chillon castle photos where I tried to show the time portal. The cover of the book is by NASA/JPL CalTech and Hubble team, the actual original shot superimposed on fixed star Spica. It shows the luminescent Sombrero Galaxy, M104, situated near Virgo-Libra. It is probably where a better part of humanity came from, inside those stars formed in that galaxy, i like it a lot. My idea was to take the reader into deep space before opening the book. So we can travel now with our mind as far as we want... and my favorite color is midnight blue.

The meek inheriting the earth? Maybe we will leave the earth and move on to inherit other planets... We are for decades to come in Pisces transits. Now Uranus, awakening liberating Pisces energy, then 2011-26 Neptune suggestively transcendental, and from 2043 and beyond Pluto. We will be alive and wiser when Pluto will pass our sun sign degrees in 2048, with Uranus opposing it from Virgo. The outer planets - trans Saturnian - cruise through Pisces and with this we will receive Piscean energies from the transformative planets for a life time, for sure. Which means things will turn spiritual, to be blunt.

Pisces is certainly the sign that assimilates all energies, so it is perhaps the strongest sign. There are many misconceptions of what the signs have inherent to them in terms of energy. Pisces strong points are compassion and imagination. As to the Bible prophecy, I think it is a mathematical code, cannot be understood literally, too many translation errors etc. but real astrology is in the stars themselves, not in the books, in my opinion. We were given star knowledge because I know we came from the stars, so we have that knowledge genetically encoded. Thus we are not in need of books, we can experience all this on our own by remembering where our souls came from. By mirroring our stars...

Uranus now in Pisces shows this when two Pisces astrologers discuss it all, as Uranus rules astrology itself, and the future. Uranus has both an awakening and a disruptive influence, but on the whole it liberates the sign it is in. Until 2012 we will be exploring these subjects more from a scientific viewpoint, with new eyes, and later more from a spiritual viewpoint. Astrology itself is going through large changes now, it will be seen in a very different light very soon, and applied much differently later. We are to be instrumental in bringing an understandeable astrology to the people. This is inherent in the alignments ahead over the next ten twenty years.

These are indeed superior times we are living in and things will get to feel more sublime as we approach 2012 and the shifting realities. What is happening now is a great divide where a greater part of humanity will be left behind. Those born now will carry the Pisces imprint as long as they will live. It is simply so that probably the Pisces planetary positions are naturally more able to be in tune with the possibility of multiple realities, which is what we are seeing now. Things tend to dissolve or merge in such aspects, and here we talk about millennial aspects. This means people born now will very soon understand what we are talking about here.

T.A.P.: You know, I recently, about a year ago actually, came to believe we "come from the stars" after a hunch I had, based on a 'jolt to the soul' I experienced in 1980. This was confirmed through reading your remarks in your book, as well as in articles you wrote on RMN and The Remote Viewer.

You go into detail on this subject in Zen of Stars. I can't help ponder how the minds of the "religious ones" may think about this. Having spent about nine years in the "fundamental christianity world" myself, I can only imagine... Now, I was born into a devout Catholic family, and I also studied astrology at an early age, though did not become serious about it until college. So, I have always had a bent towards the mystical and metaphysical... I don't see a lot of Christians or Catholics with this tendency, though I know there are some.

HOW do you think the populations on this planet who are steeped in their beliefs will be able to change their mindsets? We know it is definitely not forced upon them, thank goodness; this outlook on the orgins of life, as religions, such as Islam are... It's so pathetic to me, and even sad, how many of my Christian friends have been 'trained', through religious dogma, to think that something as absolutely, indescribably awesome as astrology is "evil" or "bad"! I often wonder why people don't read more... and study... and think for themselves!

Maybe you can confirm this, St.Clair; I had heard 'Michael Tsarion' speak on the radio and mention that there is actually a mural of the Zodiac on the ceiling inside of the Vatican?! WHEN will Christians, Catholics, Jews, you name it, FINALLY "Get It"? Of course reading your book, Zen of Stars, will point out many, many topics of valuable information. For many, it may be words of wisdom they are seeing for the very first time. As you know, there is not a huge amount of people who are astrologically literate, yet, in this world... (one of my aims in life is to work on that!).

... so, they may not understand the historical, astrological 'aspects' you describe very clearly in your book. They are important facts though, and I see why you listed them. They completely connect to your earnest calculations of future propensities for the planet.

St.Clair: The Western world, you can call it "Christian" or "Catholic" - just more funny labels - will have to discern between "Intelligent Design", pseudo scientism, "Evolution", absurd as it is - both totally misguided cosmologies - and "human devolution", or the understanding that we came from the stars with lowered DNA. It will take time for people to accept the hidden reality as they will change their mindset only over time. The new-borns - with Pisces outer planets - will not be easily mind-controlled, and my book in this sense is a sleeper, designed to bring a finer and more all-encompassing imprint into the new psyche of mankind. It is built as a bridge across time to free the souls who want to evolve. You know as I do that there are so many Zodiacs found all around the world, in churches and temples too - and from all "religions."

No human theory can harness Cosmos. Only man thought he could do that. Some Zodiacs we know of show many more signs than the 12 or 13 we use. It is nothing new. Also there are countless "out of place artifacts" that point to the extra-terrestrial origin of mankind. That is also very common. And now we have the crop circles. Author Michael Donovan - you must read his book "Letters Upon The Mast" - calls them the miracles of our time. What was "occult" or esoteric will become science very soon. Exciting to see unfold while we are here, and all of this is indicated with the Pisces transits well into the second part of this century.

To answer your question in simple terms, a de-conditioning of the individual mind is taking place while the group mind adapts. Extra-terrestrial contact will be normal to those with eyes to see. People who are at all serious, earnest, will know that science and religions of the past are tools of mind-control. "God" in the way people understand it now is mind-control. To get away from this theocracy -- into which regressive aliens who seeded this planet plunged mankind -- means to question it after recognizing it for what it is, a form of reality domination.

Basically go back in time and de-program your entire upbringing, school days, parental conditioning, friends you had, just about really everything. It is not an easy process. It can at times be rather painful, and certainly not indicated for everyone. But it is essential for a future sensible life. Our role as astrologers deserving of this name is to keep that bridge from the future or this window of timelessness open for those who come after us. Do you understand what this implies? As astrologers we have to master our realm.

Someone who wants to be free of these forms of mental violence that theocracies of all colors imposed on mankind will achieve it. You forget everything you were ever taught to believe, be it science or belief systems, and you begin to educate yourself on your own, as you did. I spent almost 25 years doing this. The new kids, your children, will do this. They have huge jobs ahead of them. It is an ongoing process, you have to question everything. And you come out as a new you, un-conditioned, and able to look at things anew, fresh, without cliché or foregone conclusions. The minute your mind comes to conclusions you are finished, so even my answers here are to be seen as mere suggestions, nothing more. Astrologers are after all just way-showers.

However, this process of leaving the matrix, of envisioning and creating new realities -- by undoing the conditioning via your own imagination -- is perhaps very "anti-social" for now and will make you an outcast in a very inhuman and non-sensical world. You lose fake friends, people who never were your friends to begin with, but you find a few like-minded souls - amazing creatures who will soar beyond mediocrity - and on that way of moving towards truth you will feel free, and happier, and needless to say only the de-conditioned and mentally free ones will survive the times ahead. Those are the children of the stars and of the earth. This is something we have to realize while alive here and now, not later when we are free of the 3D restriction.

T.A.P.: Thank you for your time, for talking to me about these things openly, one on one. Yes, it seems 'mind control' is a very serious phenomenon, or epidemic, if you will, in the world today... and, obviously, you don't hear it addressed in mainstream media! I have listened to a lot of talk radio and news programs and I don't recall ever hearing 'solutions' to the evergoing problematic - to say the least, issue of 'radical Islam'; pertaining to any attempts to "conquer" the ongoing 'mind control' programs within it.

St.Clair: In my opinion there is no such thing as "radical Islam." It is just another word, notion. Islam is peace, and as you know the greatest and most advanced astrologers of mankind so far recorded were from the Orient, Persia, Afghanistan, etc. It shows the western mind is simply crudely if at all educated about things of great importance. For example how many people know about Herman Hesse and his teachings from the East? And he is a classic. Or Doris Lessing? How many have studied the Atlantean Emerald Tablets of Thoth, or the cosmology by Anton Parks (The Secret of The Dark Stars) and Gerry Zeitlin, ex SETI scientist and author of Open SETI? You see what I mean...

So, what you hear on talk-radio is mind control or "programming" of its own, which is why it is called "news program." Only it isnt news, it is programming - as in conditioning - of the mind. And the so-called alternative media is no different, just riddled with more disinformation. Today it takes a very discerning mind, a great deal of cross-cultural education, and the will-power to stay spiritually alive to see clear. Yes I admit that those who feel they must believe in Allah are under the same mind control as those who "believe in God." We do not need to believe in that which we know is and is not. However, Sufis like Rumi, or Omar Kayyam, and the court astrologers and cosmologists of thousands of years ago were seekers of science, and as such they were helpful in opening the minds, not controlling them. And yet they were also poets, both went hand in hand. They left behind what amounts to maybe the largest body of cosmological knowledge, ignored by peoples of lower incarnations.

T.A.P.: What do you mean by peoples of lower incarnations?

St.Clair: It is known among esoterists that nations, tribes and peoples follow a pattern of incarnations. There is a newer system that grades these levels. Sweden for instance is a level 6 incarnation (highest level) and is on its way to become the new Tibet, etc. Whereas certain western nations are level 2 incarnations. Young, new, not far developed yet. But this is a subject leading us far out...

T.A.P.: Well maybe i have had a past life in Persia. When i had that break with reality... to get me back into reality i guess, I remember looking out a large window at some buildings that took on a "Persian look" of architecture... and at the same exact time - I had "thoughts" of 'Pluto'... Can I take this moment to ask you a question that is applicable to a personal experience of mine? In your book, you express that the invisible realms exist, and you even encourage the reader to enter.

The strangest things occurred in my life the summer after I graduated from High School. I took a year, actuallly two, off before I entered college. During that first summer off, I took it upon myself to really do some inner searching. I spent a few mornings; at sunrise, literally upon the roof of my home; praying to 'Creator God' and being in tune, also; simultaneously, with our greatest source of physical light. This had a true transforming effect upon me. Within the cycle of a month, complete and profound changes occurred in my life. Maybe I'll write a book about this-- I want to tell you a little of it now, because it fits into what I just stated.

Well, to be brief, I'll just tell you that during that month I was visited one time, during a "realistic night dream," by an angelic-like light being. He was a benevolent, silent, being, and to my knowledge was 'there' to simply 'warn me' about a future event that did occur in my life no more than two weeks later.

So, is this a part of the invisible realm you speak of? Also, within that month I just spoke of, I literally became a part of another dimension. At one point, I was with my mother and oldest sister in an indoor shopping mall and although I was speaking with them -- I was not 'with' them... My body was still there; walking with them, but, my mind was definitely in another realm. I was "seeing" everything there at the mall differently; as if I was in another time zone far in the future! I would love to tell you what I saw-- it was very interesting! So, again, is 'this' what you are referring to when you explain this invisible world?

St.Clair: Yes, you describe windows of timelessness, or what I call time portals. People call them "mirages", but they are very real, and in this invisible world which is filled with beings of Light we see through the dimensions. Some of them are like what people call angels, and some have no distinguishable form at all, just luminescent blue humanoid looking like, with no real faces, just free flowing forms of light, in my case usually quite tall, and almost just made of pure energy. One can certainly feel them like in an otherness type world, and they can somehow connect into us via thought, and in that other or invisible world, a dialogue begins in which guidance for the human being takes place.

In that parallel realm they exist in they can at times show you their perspective, which can be ours when we want it to be. Sometimes they appear when all is still, sometimes they can be there in times of great crisis, there is no pattern to this really. They can help close 4th dimensional holes, and they can also help access higher realms. This might depend on what the contact is designed for. Maybe it depends on the state of thought we are in. I can imagine they observe us constantly and they see our thoughts.

This is indeed the invisible world I am talking about -- and it is around and with us constantly, day and night. When we are in a higher or more alert aware state, which is the state we should try be in all the time, as difficult as this is, then we can in theory be all the time in contact with it, all it takes, and that is a lot, is uninterrupted attention and focus. Yes you should write your book about it when you have reconnected from that point of stillness with that other reality which is just as real as ours if not more real, because it is permanently there and timeless.

This guidance cannot talk to us in form of "time" as it usually speaks to us from a timeless state, but i imagine it does see us here trying to do the right things and on and off it will nudge us in the right direction, which often might not be the direction we had "thought" of. It is a thoughtless realm in the invisible world, it is actually more a world of direct action.

The invisible world can for instance heal when you ask it via your thought to do that. This can only happen in total stillness, either when you see beyond your aura, or you feel the presence, the force of the beings making access. Or it happens as you say in nature, when in contact with the sun. The Light, or the stars at night. But there needs to be both inner and outer stillness for it to take place. All conflict has to stop for it to happen.

The beings usually can fill a room at night with bright blue light. And usually these beings can act almost like body guards, but it requires a great deal of attention from the human being in touch with them. At times this level of attention can be almost exhausting, then they will work with you while you are asleep, or in your dreams. They can leave behind signs. Small things. Like stop a watch, or change a dial on a cell phone or move around an object, things like that. But mainly you will know their presence by the shift in your awareness and thought structure.

It is when thought stops and we are in their awareness level that you will meet the beings most often. This will be more visibly the case in the coming years I would imagine, that is why they prepare us for this contact now. So, what is it you saw when you were in that other dimension? You said you saw a future time, funny now I am asking the questions.

T.A.P.: Like I said, I was in a 'different' state of mind; It was definitely unlike the present day reality of that time. The people in the mall shopping... well, first of all, the 'crowd' was much less in size than normal, or than it probably really was at that real time. The people looked primarily as they do today, or did in 1980, although I'd have to say, they all seemed "young" and all fairly or very "attractive" looking. Okay, not unlike an "O.C. crowd" today, I know... but let me finish... Today, we see a lot of 'unsual' forms of expression in our modes of dress; you know, complete with tatoos and body/facial piercings. Tribal looks.

Well, of course this was 1980..... but with having a little of a fashion background myself, (well I have a B.S. in fashion from California Polytechnic University), I can now recall that "fashions" were a bit different from how they were supposed to be 'then.' For instance, the hairstyles were "back to the '70s look" in a way. Women had longish hair; most with the old "surfer bangs" look, or they may have been called "angel wings". 'This' was definitely NOT a look happening in the "Big Hair" days of the '80s! I can't recall the men's hair styles too well, but i believe they were primarily short; above the collar anyway. The type of clothing was not anything too futuristic looking; mostly casual... but the thing that struck me the strangest was that on all the men's 'polo type shirts' there was a particular emblem!

Now, at that time, in 1980, 'Ocean Pacific' brand was very popular... with that 'lightning bolt emblem'. This, I was seeing, was like instead of those just mentioned emblems.... guys had, and I mean all of them, had these star-like, white-ish 'fire ball' emblems on their light-colored shirts! And what was also odd, was as we walked past the 'Ocean Pacific Store'... the clothes shown in the window, all had this emblem on them... (There were no lightning bolts that I can recall seeing).

Another unusual element of 'this' "vision" was that all the stores had a 'theme' similar to this... and it was extra strange that a type of 'glow' - just bright, light, like being out in the sun - was surrounding the entire area of where I was in this indoor mall. The stores and walk-ways seemed to all be filled with this warm, loving, comforting, "bright or glowing light"! Like it was the highlight of the mall! Not the people or fashions, or anything you could materially buy there! It was as if, that's why you were there; for the light!

Because, too, there didn't seem to be, as I can recall, any "exchange" of money... I didn't even see a single credit card pulled out . . . and NO, I didn't see people get their heads or hands "Scanned!!!" (Thank God!) It was magical, to say the least! Everyone seemed so happy - and 'everyone' seemed to be "wealthy!"

St.Clair: There you go, you connected with the invisible world and made it visible to you, and this is like stepping indeed through a mirror into a mirage, and it is possible in my opinion that these realities coexist in actual reality; they are not necessarily invented or envisioned only, or they will exist side by side very soon. There will be islands of light in the midst of everything else happening. It is well possible that you are able to reach through the dimension of the here and now into an Elven type reality that exists also in the here and now, but remains invisible to most other people. And when in a good state we can all do this and interact with that other realm and bring back guidance into this world.

It reminds me of "The Master of The Light" in my book who acts like an obsidian mirror, where everyone gets something from such visions -- usually they see themselves in it -- at which ever stage of development they want to project into. The astrologer will see aligments, the scientist will see formulas, the child will see toys, etc. The longer you leave the vision field open, the more it comes alive. It is like the mirror of Galadriel in The Lord of The Rings, but in a day to day situation. Truth as we Pisceans perceive it is often a lot stranger than "fiction." This happens when you disconnect from thought and pay attention to the nothingness or that space inbetween thoughts, and you should do this more often, and then write your book about what you see in your mirror of reality.

People will see themselves in it. They will learn from it if they remain open to it. I think what happened is you saw beyond your aura, and you observed things in finest detail, probably due to the placement of Mercury at your birth. With the inner planets we create our own reality, whereas the outer planets form the frame work of our overall reality. By mirroring the stars we are able to reach into the ephemeral reality. That is what you did. And I think you will be doing more of this when Neptune passes your Aquarian birth planets while Uranus passes your Pisces natal positions. At that time I see you bringing out your own book about these matters... it could be a book that speaks to children about all this...

T.A.P.: I'm so glad I told you about my episode of "parallel realities" St.Clair. This has helped clarify a lot of thoughts I had about it. This is funny; you granted me your very first interview after the publication of your book, and my story that I have concealed for many years now, was exclusively told to you; in part, for the first time. You definitely are very intuitive... I have been planning a children's book for some time now; although a fictional concept, but nonetheless, a bit 'out there.'

I'm proud to possess a near exact Mercury placement as Oprah Winfrey -- one of my most adored worldly persons. She has been one of my favorite role models, though, I've often wondered why she hasn't had more 'metaphysical' type speakers on her program.... although, now I understand more; due to what you just explained about "programs."

Oh, I just had a thought! What a difference in this world 'Krishnamurti,' one of your role models, could have made had he have been on a televised show such as Oprah Winfrey's! In your book - although it points beyond him - you mention Krishnamurti frequently. Did studying his extra vast body of work influence you in some way? What do you think is the one essential thing his teachings brought to you personally, as a man, and as an astrologer?

St.Clair: The one essential thing? That when I face the self, the "I", I am free, I can cross that bridge and leave all the illusions behind, forever. All states of mind are illusions after all, it is only thought, not the thing. I am free of spiritual crutches and stand outside the patterns of the escape hatches of the self. It is a bit complex, but in a sound bite that is it, for me anyway. Let me explain this a bit.

The invisible world, the Guidance network of the light beings, Krishnamurti and the Egyptians all taught me, and as you know I explain in the book this is what The Master of The Light also showed me, which is to take the most difficult path, and never to take the easy path.

That "difficult path" is through my, your, own self. I was taught that free will is what it is, and if we make "mis-takes" or use free will wrongly -- it can harm us. So be it, has happened to me too, nobody is perfect. But it is our free will to make whatever decisions we make. So The Master of The Light in Zen of Stars, and Krishnamurti say: Be responsible for your actions. One is asked to use free will - and to decide to work with it - "intelligently." However, I am the one who has to decide. Thats the message: You decide, we decide, I decide. Just as I had to decide to go to America, to write the book, to study astrology, to be who I am... Yes, free will is dangerous. We can destroy ourselves with it. And I am the one who decides, rightly or wrongly. That is the fact, and we have to stay with THAT fact, and take it from there.

But when someone says: "Something outside caused me to do such and such," then the problem is seemingly outside, and we tell ourselves that we are powerless or worse, we are victims. But we are not. Krishnamurti says, no! The "problem" or the root is inside and therefore we ARE very powerful and we CAN change the outcome. That is what the mind controllers want to take away, our power. But to have it, to keep it and to use it, is potentially dangerous, as well as extremely interesting. It makes us what we are. Trans-human souls. I would not want it any other way. Neither would you. No one sane will relinquish his or her free will. That, to me, is the essential Krishnamurti: To be free from the known, and to use the first and last freedom.

This is why I think it is a titanic battle of "free" wills between the white and black magicians. We the white ones use free will, so do the black ones wherever they are. The Tibetan sorcerers from the notorious "council of nine" and their 4th dimensional or trapped alien entities are no different, it is their free will to try to rule the world, and it is our free will to stop them from doing so. I am sure that "God" and the ancient departed gods must have great fun watching the show meanwhile from whatever dimension they are watching. I expect them though to interact more and watch less... will they ever come back here? Not too sure. I think it is our play pen now here, we inherited this planet, we the meek..

OK - Back to Krishnamurti and his influence over time and space on me... Yes well, it would be hard not to be influenced or at least prompted to think on your own and in new ways, as an astrologer, after being immersed for years in the writings of the teacher of the world. He was a very simple and also the most extra-ordinary man that lived, but I never met him in person, and I was advised by some who did study with him while finishing my work. He taught we must not build systems, and so, in a way, I deconstructed astrology, and brought it down to the levels where people can make it their own star science; that was my contribution to the supreme art... and I feel he came from a very advanced race of star beings, and only few times in human history are we graced with such an amazing presence.

I think he wanted all of us to go beyond him, and to implement what he suggested in our own ways. He made it clear that we would not organize or re-organize the truth, because the truth is never the known - it is always new. All I contributed with my book is a different way in how to approach the timeless time we are about to enter. I talk about alteration of time lines, time travel, things of that nature. I have my own interests, some of which I understand now in hindsight were also his.

There are others like (or similar to) him, Thich Nhat Hanh, Teilhard de Chardin, and the WingMakers. I studied them all, as well as Jacques Vallée and many others. But personally, to me, I like the unforgiving logic of Krishnamurti. He did not put up with falsehoods and half-measures. No wonder, he had Uranus in the mid-heaven at birth, and in Scorpio. Applying Krishnamurti sounds easy, because it is actually simple to understand when you get right down to it. Yet, it is not a piece of cake to implement. But we are free to decide. I know that a serious astrology that respects itself, or a science of the future worth its scope, cannot get around the concepts that David Bohm, Krishnamurti or I address.

It was my pleasure to re-introduce Krishnamurti one more time - in the context I chose - to the younger people coming after us, the generation of you and me - those born with Pluto in Virgo. I think the ones with Pluto in Sagittarius, like your own children, will understand him, as he was at least a hundred years ahead of his time. I try to work just into "real" time. His ideas and observations will remain timeless throughout. I just wish people would do what he suggested, or at least try. That time has come. He always said the future is now. Thanks for mentioning him in this interview...

T.A.P.: Well what do the stars indicate for the world, for the book, and for you to do next, oh and when was the "birth date" of your book?

St.Clair: Well we have reached now the ending of time, and with it the limits of thought. Thought is time. Remember! Now we enter the limitless seeing... Zen of Stars went into technical production during the seer eclipse of March and came out on May 11th, 2006, in the Scorpio or Buddha full moon, with Pluto close to the Galactic Center.

That was also the day -- 11 May -- when the "mirages" or time portals were photographed in the Shandong province of China, and seen world-wide, I posted about it at The Remote Viewer, which I take as a most significant omen... and on that same day I saw a majestic blue heron sitting on a buoy in lake Geneva, next to my old castle time portal, and below him, next to my feet, hundreds of fishes, actually thousands really, and big ones too... a multiple reality sign indeed: The tall blue heron with his silvery head was out of reach, and at peace. He had everything he needed. I found that very interesting, a discreet sign of inflation and magnificence; that heron seemed to say: "See me? I could not care less... see you later... be well!" He kind of looked at me holding the book and well, he just was, he is... what does he care?

The project - this book - was hidden from start to finish, moving through several layers of reality, shapeshifting over many years into what it is... and it will take its allotted "time" for the time capsule to be revealed to those who are guided to it. Morning of the Magicians took four years. Krishnamurti maybe more maybe less, I dont know. We are now in accelerated time. The rule is to give 13 moon phases after a key event, so let us see by mid 2007 with Jupiter in Sagittarius square Uranus in Pisces what funny things come up... :-)

As to what I do next meanwhile? I am looking at options. Too many really. Trying not to get bored, but not to get stressed out either. Staying alive... mirroring the stars - a creative break maybe? What would you suggest, now that you will be "the next astrologer in line"... you are the one who has Uranus by birth opposing Mars and Jupiter, what a tremendous alignment for a brand new style of astrology...

T.A.P.: "The next in line".... I would have to possess at least half the expertise you have... You definitely have earned a break! Though with Pluto and Jupiter on your ascendant and on the galactic center soon, and Uranus moving on to your birth Mercury... wow, that is once in a life time... no, once in a millennium... will you honestly be able to retire?! I don't know, what do you think; I see a role in 'leadership' for you around the corner... ?

St.Clair: You possess the gift, that is all you ever need. Very few have it, you do. It is an art, as you know, a high art. Publishing the book has put me in touch with new friends, people who were apparently waiting for this book. I am interested in trying out a new medium, a new message. I have researched, written about and practiced all this for twenty years. I am done with it, and I would like to see the things I talked about to sink in.

I want to move on and get beyond it - and do something else meanwhile. With the Neptunian alignments coming... I think I will like to approach the 7th Art, the making of a film, video documentary for the internet; something like that, we shall see... Some unusual people with unsually Uranian ideas contacted me after Zen of Stars came out now, so something new is in the works in the Cosmic game plan... I am confident that capable people will have interesting meetings of the mind, and we have all the time in the world.

T.A.P.: Thank you so very much, St.Clair, for this most absolutely fascinating and mind altering presentation. You are an amazing human being -- "star being"! I'm sure people all around the world will enjoy reading and learning from Zen of Stars as much as I have. It is a book one can visit again and again to gain greater insights of previously unknown paradigms. I am so truly honored to have this pleasure of interviewing you. Be well and be at peace, my friend...

St.Clair: It is you that is my friend, you know. Thank you Lady... and stay in touch, maybe we do this again some time to see how things have progressed...


Interview with St.Clair - by Teresa Ann Papac

California, September 7th, 2006
Exclusive for "The Remote Viewer"
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